Editing & Proofreading

When the translation of a text or document has finished, the work is not yet done. For instance, is the punctuation correct? Or, does the layout of the target document correspond with the original document? Other matters require your attention as well, however. Does the text suit your target audience? Is the message you wish to convey sufficiently understood? Perhaps some parts of the text are too lengthy or maybe they rather need more clarification? These are all things that are amended when editing and proofreading a text.

The purpose of both editing and proofreading is improving the target text. However, there is a distinct difference between the two processes. Translation errors are eliminated from the text during the editing process. For this, the editor compares the source to the target text and assesses whether the translation is correct and complete. They also determine whether there are any misinterpretations. When proofreading, just the target text is reviewed. The proofreader’s task is to correct any errors in the grammar and spelling, sentences that are flawed and the layout. They correct all the language errors, but not any possible translation errors. The ultimate purpose of both actions is to ensure that the target text reads like an original piece of text and that you cannot perceive that it is a translation.

Even if you have a text you have written yourself, for instance written directly into the target language, we can edit and/or proofread that text for you. It is highly recommended that you have the linguistic quality checked.