A fixed contract price is offered for each assignment. For each assignment is different. Texts not just have different language combinations, but texts also differ in terms of number of words, field, and difficulty. Furthermore, one assignment is more urgent than the next.
The offered contract price is always a maximum and it is fixed, so you will know in advance where you stand price-wise.

Rate regular translations

Our contract prices for translations that do not have to be sworn correspond with a word rate that starts at EUR 0.14, depending on the language combination and the length of the text. Our minimum rate for regular assignments is EUR 60.

Rate sworn translations

For sworn translations we determine a contract price in advance as well. Our rate for a sworn translation starts at EUR 0.17 per word. Our minimum rate for sworn assignments is EUR 70.

We would like to emphasise that CopyTrust is not “standard” so we don’t use “standard” rates either. Each document differs from others and each application is our challenge. Please do not hesitate and call or email us for a non-binding quotation.

All amounts are exclusive of VAT.

Delivery time

Our delivery time depends on the language combination, planning, nature of the source text, and the way in which the source text is delivered to us. We will always try to meet your deadline. If this deadline endangers the quality of the translation, we will consult with you on the options.