You can’t argue about taste. Plus, many Dutch people have quite a good command of foreign languages. Do you have a question about a translation we have delivered?  The following points may help you on your way.

Too literal

Readers often get the feeling that a translation is too literal if it closely follows the order and wording of the source document. This feeling is almost always unnecessary. You will be amazed at how often, even in another language, the most commonly chosen translation corresponds quite literally to the source document.


Many people have a preference for a certain word, based on their education or, more often, a feeling. That’s possible. Did our translator make a different choice? Feel free to ask us why our translator made that choice.


Professional translators adapt a less pleasantly worded source text so that the translation reads better than the original. Of course, always without losing the content and purport of the source document. Our translators are good readers too. That’s a nice bonus.


No matter how much attention our people pay to the texts, a text provided by us might not meet your expectations. In that case, please contact us and we will do everything we can to find a solution and find out where it went wrong. We do this with respect for you and for our people. We expect the same in return.