Come in! Welcome at CopyTrust

We like to think of our website as an open house. Whether you are a client, a language professional, a prospect or an intern – everyone is welcome.

With an open house, you showcase everything you’re proud of during a short visit.

And we are proud – of our agency, our staff and all those independent translators who work with us from all over the world on our clients’ texts.
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The definition of a translation agency is: a company that provides translations of texts from one language into another.

But we’re much more than that. We are reliable, committed, sincere, knowledgeable, and authentic.

And by authentic we mean working with real people, using human senses – eyes and ears – for every assignment. Ears to hear our client’s wish; can we fulfil their needs? And eyes because we look at each text, sometimes word for word if needed, or sometimes we perform a cursory check. It all depends on what the brief is – a sworn translation, a promotional text, or a quick read. We take care of it all.

Welcome to our open house!


At an open house, you often have a fleeting introduction. This is also how we see our website; a brief introduction which will hopefully intrigue you and entice you to get in touch with CopyTrust.

What we choose not to do

We could fill pages and pages with content about our work, our tech support, our quality standards and all the aspects of our profession. But we choose not to.

Like any agency, CopyTrust works with true professionals. We double-check all texts, we make use of translation memories, our people are native speakers, we are meticulous when it comes to terminology, we always fine-tune copy to achieve a beautiful end product and we go all out when it comes to urgent jobs. Every professional agency does that.

So what makes CopyTrust different?

Maybe it is our boutique size. With us, the lines are short. Or maybe it’s our down-to-earth approach; “no words, but deeds”. Or perhaps it’s because we honour the principle of “stick to what you’re good at”.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. This, our payoff in the Nineties, is still very much the case today.

Call or email us for a no-obligation introduction or quotation. It’s the only way we can show you what we’re good at – translation. Translation is, of course, much more than just transposing words.