Our housekeeping


When we start working with partners, we naturally also have to look at remuneration for our work. CopyTrust believes in fair remuneration. Swedish is more expensive to translate from or into than English, and Spanish is cheaper than Bahasa, for example. Our quotations are always tailor-made, based on a project price. Every assignment is different, depending on its nature, the languages involved, the amount of text, deadline, subject area, level of difficulty and overlap with previous texts. We always quote a maximum project price so that you always know in advance what to expect.

How soon can it be done?

This question comes up in almost every translation request. Translation is quite often the last step in a process. The source text has been written with care and attention and read and approved by several people, after which the document is ready for that final piece: the translation. The text must be professionally translated for the target audience, readers of the target language.

Typically, there is little time left for translation in the client’s process. To us, that’s the challenge. CopyTrust always considers all the aspects and helps you with the process. Can it be done as a matter of urgency? Do we have the right people available right now? Does this text lend itself to urgent translation? You can trust us to give you open and honest advice about that too. With every request, whether big or small, we always look at what is feasible.

Translation software

Not to be confused with machine translation. We would like to explain the difference. The translation world, too, is evolving. Today’s technology allows us and our translators to work better and faster with the right translation software. And because translation remains people work at all times, the software is supportive. Below each text is the translator’s “signature”, so to speak. The software ensures:

• greater accuracy in translation
• consistency of terminology
• cost savings

In our translation software, translations are stored together with the source text. When we receive a new assignment, we look at what can be used from previous assignments. Any savings can already be determined at the quotation stage, as the software recognises the text. If any of the text has been translated before, it does not have to be translated again. We take this into account when setting our project price (see under rates).

Translation software can also make suggestions during the translation process. The translator decides whether to use, reject or adapt this suggestion. As a result, the translation software’s “memory” gets progressively better and more extensive.

Machine translation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In our word of welcome to our open house, we already mentioned the human senses. In this aspect of our work, eyes are essential. Both we and our linguists are of course well acquainted with the world of translation. And as the world changes and innovates, so does the world of translation. Sometimes one of the components of this new world can be used to speed up the translation process. And although AI can be a useful tool, again the translator’s eyes are indispensable. For us, translation was, is and will always be about people. For CopyTrust, this is a fundamental aspect of what we do and who we are. AI and machine translation are mainly about supporting the translation process. But everyone can and should be confident that with any text, the translator’s eyes are the most important part of the process of producing a quality foreign-language document.

And if you need us to proofread your own translation, no problem – we can take care of that as well.