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We provide these in partnership with all the linguists in our global network. Translators and copywriters we engage on a project-by-project basis. People with professional qualifications, usually university level, always working according to the native speaker principle but also with experience in a specific field; legal, technical, commercial, or information technology, to name a few. From English to Polish. From Portuguese to Chinese. Or from Latvian or Arabic. You can rely on us for any language combination and almost any subject area. Manuals, brochures, articles of incorporation or association, bylaws, but also advertising texts, websites, business correspondence, privacy documents – you name it.

Sworn translations

It’s all in a day’s work for us. We can produce sworn translations of documents needed for official purposes. In this way, you can show that the translation is a faithful representation of the source document and that no information has been omitted, added or misrepresented. If the sworn translation needs an apostille or authentication, we can also arrange that for you. This gives the document even more legal value.


If you have a text that needs to be looked over with a critical eye, we are of course happy to do that for you. This can be done by comparing source text and translation side by side, but we can also proofread a foreign-language document without a source document. Translation errors, language mistakes, style errors – we see and fix all of these. You tell us what your needs are and what we should look out for.

Neural machine translation (NMT) and post-editing

This has often been considered a “no-no” in our industry. But, certainly nowadays, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Humans and neural machines, or learning machines, can complement each other in our profession. All output is always checked by an experienced post-editor, so even with NMT there are always real people working on your texts.

And much more

Other services CopyTrust can help you with include professional formatting of a translation, copywriting or processing scanned documents. We collaborate with external professionals to provide these services.