The most important page of our website is for you, our guest

As a guest at our “open house”, you may be an old acquaintance. But it may be your first time here and you are curious about what we can do for you.

Our clients

What matters to us is not so much what we do and how we do it but who we get to do it for – you, our client. Sometimes we are proud to read something in the newspaper or listen to a newsreader talking about a big project we contributed to. But if you are a small entrepreneur and want to expand your business abroad, you are also more than welcome and we encourage you to have a look around.

Our profession is all about trust. It’s no coincidence that we have clients on our books for whom we have had the privilege of doing business with for over 30 years.

There has to be trust in our work but also in handling the documents entrusted to us. We realise that it can be scary to hand over confidential documents to an external party. Rest assured that we treat all information we receive as confidential. We, here at our office, but also all our linguists have a duty of confidentiality. If required, we can also draft and sign a specific confidentiality agreement. Let us know if you require additional assurances from us. We would be more than happy to provide those.

Private individuals

CopyTrust believes inclusiveness is an important part of running a business. Still, we want to be honest about the following. If you are a private individual and need a foreign-language document, we are happy to refer you to a site where you can contact a translator yourself. This is simply because our rates may make our agency less suitable for individuals with a modest translation request.

Our translators