Use of translation software

We would like to explain the term translation software. The translation world is changing. And today’s technology enables us and our translators to work better and faster with the right translation software.

The software is used mainly in support of the work, because translating will always be a human activity. Underneath each text, there is an imaginary signature of the translator. The software ensures:

  • more accurate translations
  • consistent terminology
  • lower costs

In our translation software, translations are stored including the source text. When a new assignment comes in, we look at what might be used from previous assignment. In the quotation phase, this may already be beneficial as the software recognises the text. This text does not need to be translated again. We take this into account when determining our project price (refer to rate section).

Translation software offers suggestions during the translation process. It is the translator’s choice whether to accept this suggestion, reject it or add an alternative. Resulting in a more extensive and better software ‘memory’.

Translation software is not the same as Machine Translation. Refer to the Machine Translation section under We.