We provide translations for both national and international clients. Our lines of communication are short and clear. We feel like the office around the corner, but our work is very efficient and we are tremendously vigorous. For us, there are no borders. We have built a global network of ‘our people’. Linguists, professionals, lawyers or techies. Or rather that person who likes playing with language in an advertisement. You can rely on us for any language combination and virtually any field.

CopyTrust in a nutshell

  • 30 years of experience with text and language
  • Operating according to the native-speaker principle
  • Each translation is proofread by a second professional
  • Translation is the work of people, translation software is only used in support
  • Favourable project rates for translations with many repetitions
  • Check for preferred terminology

We would like to explain number 4, translation software. The translation world is changing. And today’s technology enables us and our translators to work better and faster with the right translation software.

The software is used mainly in support of the work, because translating will always be a human activity. Underneath each text, there is an imaginary signature of the translator. The software ensures more accuracy in translation, better use of terminology, and can be cost-efficient for repetitive texts.